Plowden Guarneri ~ Willemotte Stradivari ~Titian Stradivari (above)


Strad3D presents new findings and vivid images in an interactive format

Scientists, Violinmakers & Musicians Study Three Classic Instruments

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In September 2006, leading scientists and violinmakers brought three great Cremonese violins to the acoustics lab for the first-ever 3D laser vibration scans of violins, plus CT Scans and analysis. Adding traditional expertise, photos, measurements, and music, the project has become a unified inquiry of unprecedented scope.

Sam Zygmuntowicz Violinmaker

Creative Director, Producer

George Bissinger PhD

Research Director

Produced In Association with the                      VSA Oberlin Violin Acoustics Workshop






"One of the most groundbreaking and comprehensive studies of the violin form ever conceived "

The STRAD Library



2nd Edition Available soon---Contact Us for INFO

4/16 Math Science and Art of the Violin, @ MOMATH

~ Presentation begins @10 min

~ Daniel Phillips plays Bach @16 min

~ Sam Z presentation starts @27 min

2/15 Sound Holes and Violin Power, M.I.T.

10/14 New vs  Old in Indianapolis

5/12 Video  Sam Z @ the E.G. Conference

10/12 Are Stradivari violins better than top quality modern violins?New York Times