Ongoing Research

Strad3D showcases the efforts of violinmakers and academic researchers associated with the Oberlin Violin Acoustics Workshop. To support this work, or to share you own research, CONTACT US.

Strad3D contributors continue with a variety of active projects;

By Scientists;

George Bissinger, Strad3d project Research Director, is helping to create a "Virtual Strad", (FEA model) using the 3D modal data from the Titian Stradivari; where the parameters such as stiffness, density, and thickness could be altered at will and the vibrational changes simulated and studied.

Colin Gough , Birmingham University, is using simplified finite element analysis to explore the basic effects of structural variation on violin vibration.

Claudia Fritz , physicist and Psycho-acoustician, is exploring listener's perceptions, to answer deceptively simple questions such as; "Why does THIS violin so much better then THAT violin?"

By Violinmakers

Sam Zygmuntowicz works to optimize "playability" and trouble-shoot specific tonal issues, integrating technical analysis, and to work on real time modifications in the "Gluey Project"

George Stoppani, violinmaker and acoustician, is customizing his violin modal software to directly apply modal anaysis to sound modifications, in collaboration with makers including Zygmuntowicz.

Joseph Curtin, part of the original Strad3D testing team, is currently leading an interdisiplinary team to examine the Vieutemp Guarneri .

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