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Violin Society of America

Catgut Acoustical Society

Oberlin Acoustics Workshop


Reference, Acoustics, Links

American Federation Of Violin and Bow Makers Leading professional association for makers, dealers and restorers

Miscellaneous violin related resources Extensive links pages from David Van Zant

The STRAD Library Offers a full size "Strad3D" poster of the Titian Strad, many other books

Why is The Violin so Hard to Play? Article by Jim Woodhouse and P. Galluzo

Martin Schleske research Informative site violin-making acoustics

Hans Johannson Illustrated intro to violinmaking

Roger Hargrave Many excellent articles about Cremonese violin

Mark Ptashne Bach Double Ct, played on the Plowden and Willemotte, plus additional documentation

CT Scan Cross-Profiles through Cremonese Stringed Instrument Waddle and Sirr, pioneers in using CT on violins

More Modal Animations By Terry Borman, using G. Stoppani software

A Comparison of Wood Density between Classical
Cremonese and Modern Violins
Density study using CT scans

University of South Wales, acoustics articles and demonstrations

Acoustics for Violin and Guitar Makers, free textbook by Erik Jannson Auction prices, Photos, Provenance



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