Help and Tips

The interface is designed for easy access to the project materials. The project content is also available in other ways, see suggestions below.


DISC 1 (DVD rom) works like a website. To begin, click "startHere.html" The project should open in a web browser.

For PC: We suggest Internet Explorer
* FIREFOX for PC is fine, with one minor bug for PDFs, see below.

Once opened, click on the navigation titles and links.
To navigate back to a proceeding page, use the BACK button on your browser window.
To make your browser full screen, try the F11 key.
To zoom the text, try ctrl+ keys.

Many of the photo and video viewers have a full screen option – click the little full screen icon. To return to normal screen, click it again or press ESCAPE.


With PC FIREFOX, the PDF articles may not open properly with a normal left click.
*This is not an issue in Internet Explorer, which may be preferred for this reason.
To access the PDF articles using FIREFOX
for PC,
right click on the PDF link Select SaveFileAs   you may then download the PDF to your chosen location.
Then, locate the PDF and open it normally.
Alternately download the complete file of articles, found in GetFiles.

When you click StartHere, you may see a pop-up text box, stating that you need a modern web browser or FLASH player 10. This text box links lead to free updates on the web. (Internet connection needed).

MAC OSX 10.4 or later is needed for flash10.

INTERNET EXPLORER, when first opening project, may display a security warning about using ACTIVEX content on discs. If so, click to allow ACTIVEX content.

If one browser doesn't work well, close and try another! If one of the viewers acts odd, navigate away and come back, or close and open the project again. Any feedback is most welcome, as soon as possible. Bugs, Errors, Gaps. Annoyances Etc


If you experience difficulties with the interface display features, or for alternate access:

Go to GetFiles, to load full size photos, articles and other content directly to your computer for further study or printing. This is for private study only &enspace; please read the license.

Disc 1 (for normal DVD player) plays the project videos and audio recordings in high quality, including the comparison excerpt recording.

The bonus "Polytec" 3d modal files and SCANVIEWER software are for WINDOWS operating systems only. To use the Polytec modal files (windows only), download and install the Polytec SCANVIEWER and files on your PC or Intel MAC running WINDOWS computer. See the Polytec QUICKSTART guide for more information.

Many Polytec animations can be viewed in the video tour section or on Disc 1.

Please report any problems or comments to us. New help tips, updates and errata will be periodically posted at

We cannot offer individual technical support.

* The disc content is accessible in various form, including downloads from the disc, but we cannot guarantee full use of all features on all computers, due to variations in computer age and configuration.