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Studies of the Plowden Guarneri, Willemotte & Titian Stradivari Violins

This interface is designed to allow easy access to the diverse body of project material, and to allow correlation and connections within this body. About the Project is a good place to begin the exploration.

The Video Tour gives a vivid introduction to the project, viewable as individual clips or as a continuous sequence, plus a featured Music Video of Strad3d images, set to a violin solo by Cho-Liang Lin. These videos present a personal perspective on the acoustics endeavor and are not intended to fully reflect the findings of the Strad3D researchers.

Violinmakers and connoisseurs might continue with Photos & Documentation, or go directly to one of the Project Violins, for added music samples, provenance and descriptions.

Full-size files and pictures can be downloaded to your computer in Get Files, to print, or for private study. The Contributors have donated their efforts, and retain copyright to their materials   please read the License.

Recordings of the project violins can be compared in Music and Sound. Spectral Analysis offers another way to document sound.

Modal Analysis is at the core of this project. Signature Mode Shapes gives an introduction to modes, with video examples. The 3d Modal Movie shows a sequence from the unprecedented Polytec 3d laser vibration scans. Optionally, install the Polytec SCANVIEWER software on your own computer (WINDOWS only). With this software you can directly open the animation files and change the vantage point and display options! The QuickStart Guide offers tips for installation of the software and use of the files.

Research and Articles includes technical papers by Dr. George Bissinger and others leading scientists, plus an array of introductory articles by Martin Schleske, Joseph Curtin, George Stoppani and other experts. The Glossary of Terms is a useful resource.

The historical Proportional Designs of the Titian and Plowden violins have been recreated by Francois Denis, including detailed drafting instructions.

Strad3D.org is an ongoing collaborative effort. Please visit us to keep current with new material or corrections, or contact us to help support this work. Please let us know about any technical problems or errors that you may discover! We will post our suggestions for resolution of problems at our Strad3D.org help page

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Samuel Zygmuntowicz, Creative Director and Producer
Dr. George Bissinger, Acoustic Research Director