The Videos here explore not just what a violin looks like, but how it works and what it does!

Dr. George Bissinger has directed many research studies of violins, but he has also created many animations of modal vibration that can be appreciated visually in an intuitive way. The unprecedented Strad3D laser vibrometry studies were documented in the Testing Sessions, and some of the resulting animations can be seen in a 3D Modal Movie sequence, or directly viewed and manipulated with the Polytec SCANVIEWER (WINDOWS only) included in GET FILES. His Air and Corpus animations show not only the body vibrations but also the movement of air, pumping in and out of the f-holes, which is so critical to lower frequency sound radiation.

Violinmaker George Stoppani is also an accomplished self-taught computer programmer and acoustician who has created his own modal animations software &enspace; an impressive example of the flexible use of technology by a non-scientist. He is adapting his modal maps to show not only maximum modal movement, but also areas of maximum bending where a violinmaker might attempt effective interventions. His Signature Mode Shapes videos and text give an introduction to the basic modes, and some show not only areas of maximum surface displacement but also areas of maximum bending. His Band-Averaged movies are a way to quickly study a large amount of data.

John Waddle & Stephen Sirr, violinmaker and radiologist respectively, have joined forces to perform CT scans on many high quality violins. The Arches and Outline images are a useful reference, and the CT Videos demonstrate that the violin shapes and contours which produce such beautiful sounds are also visually harmonious.

In his films here, filmmaker and violinist Eugene Schenkman has created a series of interpretive films for Strad3D, developed as part of a larger film project exploring the meeting of traditional violinmaking and scientific research.

The Video Tour can be viewed as a Continuous Film Sequence in Full Screen (about 20 minutes), or as individual short videos, which have the option of full screen viewing.

Also included are:

  • Musical Feature Strad3D images, set to a violin solo played by Cho-Liang Lin