What a Strad does, not just what it looks like

The Testing Sessions. September 2006



Original Research & Imaging: 3-D modal animations of a violin’s vibrations, Acoustic analysis from Dr. George Bissinger.

Violinmaker's resource: Photos, technical measurements, thickness mapping, CT scans.

Musical excerpts, Spectral analysis

Article archive: Dr. Bissinger's papers, Sam Zygmuntowicz examines the project violins, more from Francois Denis, Joseph Curtin, Collin Gough, Jim Woodhouse and others.

First release 2009: Current release 2021

The East Carolina University Acoustics Laboratory was the site for the first-ever 3D measurements to register not only the sound-producing surface up-down vibrations, but also the in-plane (left-right, back-forth) motions using the Polytec 3D laser system. The acoustic radiation over a sphere was then measured in the Acoustic Lab anechoic chamber, followed by a comprehensive CT scan of all three violins by Dr. Claudio Sibata at the Leo Jenkins Cancer Center of the East Carolina University Medical School facility. Finally all three old-Italians were played at a group listening session by Ara Gregorian of the East Carolina University School of Music (along with two modern violins by Joseph Curtin and Sam Zygmuntowicz) to enjoy and comment on the differences.

Produced with support from the VSA Oberlin Violin Acoustics Workshop and VSA CAS Forum.

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