CT Videos

Plowden Del Gesu Front Wood
Plowden Del Gesu Back Wood
Plowden Del Gesu Scroll Wood
Plowden Del Gesu Axial Body
Three Violins Axial Compare

The Strad3D study violins were scanned as 600 'slices', which can be viewed as individual cross-sections, as frames in a video journey through the violins, or assembled into a 3d geometrical model of the entire violin, which can be rotated and studied from any angle.

CT videos shown here include several views including:
AXIAL (a series of sections taken across the width, showing internal and external arching)
WOOD (transparent 3D projection showing internal densities)
SURFACE (an opaque 3dD projection, showing a solid surface)

NB.Some strange visual “artifacts” are apparent in the CT images, a result of scanning interference from metal parts such as fine tuners and tail-gut adjusters.