Bending Maps--Where does the plate bend most?

CBR with X (cross-grain bending)

With the Stoppani software, it is possible to track not only areas of minimum and maximum movement (deflection nodes and antinodes) but also areas of minimum and maximum bending, arguably more important to the behavior of the mode, and likely more useful in suggesting possible interventions. These animations have the maximum movement shown in deflections of the grid.The areas of maximum bending are shown in colors, with blue and red bending in opposite phase. The intensity of the color indicates the amount of bending, while white indicates that bending is at a minimum. Here, the cross-wise, length-wise and twisting bending are displayed separately, for clarity. (See Bending Maps, Stoppani, Strad3D - Pdf 628 - kb)

CBR with Y (long-grain bending) WRONG FLA

CBR with twist.